PY Пултове
PY Пултове

Enclosure        :DIN EN 10130 DC01 CCRS

Mounting plate :DIN EN 10130 DX51D+Z, Galvanized


Enclosure                              : 1,5 mm

Door and Lids                        : 2 mm

Back Cover and Rear Panel  : 1,5 mm

Mounting plate                       : 2 mm

Plinth                                      : 2 mm

Surface Finishing

RAL7035w Powder Coating

IP Rating

IP54 (TS 3033, EN 60529)


Console Lid: Retaining Cord, Keylock and Concealed Hinges

Cosole Back Cover: 2 Pivots and 2 Cams Lock

Desk Lid: Door Stays, Keylock and Concealed Hinges

Pedestral Front Door: 5mm Double-bit Insert Polyamide Lock

Quarter-Turn or Escutcheon Rod (Acc. to Ext. Dim.) Latch Type Screw-On Hinges

Pedestral Rear Panel : Closing by Screws

Foamed-in Door/Lid Sealing Gasket

Facility for Double Mounting Plate on Pedestral and Console

Facility for Mounting Plate on Desk

Door and Panel Options for Rear Removable Side Panel for Pedesral

Supply Includes


Mild Steel Top Lid

Front Door and Rear Panel on Pedestral

One Piece Mounting Plate in Pedestral

100 mm Plinth

Available on Request

Special Sizes

Special Colour


304 Grade Stainless Steel Console and Desk Lid

Double Mounting Plate in Pedestral

Solid Door for Rear of Pedestral

Special Lock for Front/Rear Door of Pedestral and Console Back Cover

Complementary Accessories

Side Rail

Mounting Plates and Fixing Brackets for Console and Desk

L and Z Brackets

Z Profile

Laptop Tray

Door U Profiles and Brackets

Plan Pocket

Earthing Cable

Референтен номер
Ширина (mm)
Височина (mm) Дълбочина (mm)
PY 061340 600 1320 400
PY 081340 800 1320 400
PY 121350 1200 1320 500

PY Series Operating Desks

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